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When you purchase a license from QuickRows, you get an Activation Code, not a downloadable file.

After paying for QuickRows Basic, you will receive an Activation Code within 48 hours.

The Activation Code will be sent via email to the address to be included in the payment page. Therefore, make sure you insert the data correctly in the Purchase Form.



Available functions in this version:

  1. Data selection: Find and extract the data that interest you in your listings or tables.
  2. Pivot tables: Build pivot tables with just one click and drill down your data with automatic data slicers and filters.
  3. Data cleansing: Perform data cleansing and handling tasks in your listings and tables easily and quickly.
  4. Operations between columns: Perform algebraic operations and text concatenation and substraction between columns.
  5. Cell formatting: Apply format to text strings, words or cells in order to detect immediately the information that interests you.
  6. Dashboards: QuickRows analyzes the data listing or table and then prosposes, designs and builds charts, slicers and KPIs automatically.


2 reviews for Basic

  1. Jack Hannigan

    Makes me save so much time. Nice customer assistance.

  2. kate


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