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How to apply filters to a Pivot Table in Excel

Filtering pivot tables requires advanced skills. However, with QuickRows you can do it easily. You only need to insert in a field the value or values you want to use as a filter and execute the action. It’s that simple, without complications.

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How to look up values in a list of data in Excel without using formulas

Looking up data in Excel can be a complicated task for novice users, since it is necessary to have a previous knowledge of some functions, such as: XLOOKUP, VLOOKUP and the INDEX and MATCH combination. Fortunately, QuickRows is an Excel add-in with which you can generate lists of selected data with a single click. Here you have a short video to show you how QuickRows works:

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How to create a Pivot Table in Excel in seconds (without previous knowledge)

The Pivot Table is one of the most powerful tools in Excel, but it requires the understanding of multiple concepts that can be confusing, among others: data segmentation or filters. Therefore, mastering this tool requires time and dedication to watch tutorials or read blogs and documentation to solve your doubts. QuickRows offers you an alternative solution to create Pivot Tables in seconds, without the need to have previous knowledge.

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How to merge or combine data from tables with different structures in Excel

In some companies it may be necessarto make a report merging data that are received from different places of business. Data consolidation can become a very laborious task if you don’t know the tools that Excel provides you with. The most outstanding quality of the QuickRows consolidation feature is that it is able to consolidate or join tables that have different structures automatically

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How to prepare data for a Pivot Table

It is common to find in Excel data tables that are in a “rebel” format, that is, that are not prepared for you to analyze them. Fortunately, QuickRows offers a simple solution for you to prepare (i.e clean and normalize) your data for a PivotTable, or any other method of analyzing your data.

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