Purchase Conditions

QuickRows is a registered trademark owned by Juan Pablo Corona Sánchez (72.350.339K), with phone number: +34 659.080.277; email address: juanpablo@quickrows.com, and residence in Infanta María Teresa, 8, 28016, Madrid.

1. Purchase

1.1 Every QuickRows version possess a fifteen-day free trial period. It is recommended to try out the products before proceeding to purchase them.

1.2 In case you wish to purchase a QuickRows license, go to the Pricing page. There you can select and acquire at any time the two versions that we offer: Basic and Premium. If you wish to acquire several licenses to fully implement the use of the product in you enterprise or organization, fill out the contact form that is available in the same page. We will contact you as soon as possible.

1.3 When you purchase a QuickRows license, that is to say, you click on the purchase button and fill out the data of the payment method, you are buying a digital product. This means that you will not be able to download a file, but you will receive an Activation Code, which will allow you to use the QuickRows version that you have chosen.

1.4 The Activation Code will be sent to the email address to be included in the payment page. Therefore, you are requested to fulfill the Purchase Form with the correct data.

1.3 The present general conditions are applicable to the contracting of the QuickRows products. Your participation in a purchase process will automatically imply the knowledge and acceptance of these general conditions. Any exception to some of these general conditions by QuickRows, will only be valid if, made in writing, has been accepted by you.

2. Characteristics of the Products

2.1  The products available to purchase in this QuickRows Website are Software Products (“Products”). In particular, Basic QuickRows and Premium QuickRows are add-ins for Microsoft Excel. 

2.2 The Products are licensed (“License”), not sold. The Licenses acquired in this Website are subject to the End-User License Agreement (EULA) attached to the Products, and the user will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of the EULA when purchasing,  downloading and/or installing the Products. 

2.3 Each License has an unlimited term of validity.

2.4 The Products price appears in the Website (no VAT included in the prices for it depends on the regulations of each country): 

2.4.1 Basic QuickRows: 36€

2.4.2 Premium QuickRows: 48€

3. License Rights and Prohibited Uses

3.1 If you comply with these Terms, we will grant you the right to install and utilize one copy of the Software on one device, along with other rights described below.

3.2 The Software is licensed and not sold. QuickRows reserves the rights over the software that QuickRows does not expressly concede under these rules.

3.3 This License grants you the following rights:

3.3.1 The right to install and use one copy of the Software. The copy of the software is for the exclusive utilization of the user under whose name the License has been registered.

3.3.2 The right to install another copy of the Software on a portable device for the user under whose name the License has been registered.

3.3.3 The right to integrate the Software as an add-in into Microsoft Excel. QuickRows, however, does not grant the right to use Microsoft Excel. The latter must be acquired separately.

3.3.4 The right to install and use one copy of the Software for the period authorized by QuickRows during the purchase and activation steps. 

3.3.5 The right to save a backup copy of the Software. You may use it only to reinstall the Software, provided that the reinstallation occurs during the period expressly authorized by QuickRows.

3.4 This License does not grant you any right with regard to the following; specifically, you may not carry out the following in a non-authorized way:

3.4.1 To circumvent or omit the protection technical measures that the software contains.

3.4.2 To disassemble, decompile, decode, pirate, emulate, exploit an unpatched vulnerability, apply reverse engineer technics of the Software, except and only to the extent that such activity is expressly allowed by the applicable intellectual property law.

3.4.3 To separate the components of the Software to use them in different devices.

3.4.4 To make more copies of the Software from those specified in this agreement.

3.4.5 To publish the software for other users to copy it.

3.4.6 To copy, rent, lease, sell, export, import, distribute or merge copies of the Software.

3.4.7 To transfer the Software nor the License to third parties.

4. Payment

4.1 The products payment will be done through- and under the conditions of- Stripe or PayPal.

4.2 Under no circumstances will the bank details you provide to Stripe or PayPal be transferred to QuickRows.

4.3 After the payment, QuickRows undertakes to send the Activation Code as soon as practicable.

4.4. In addition, for a proper purchase management, you agree that all the information you provided on the Purchase Form on the Website is true and accurate.

4.5. The payment for any of the products should be made only once. Any changes to this clause will be notified to you in writing via the email address provided by you. 

5. Return Policy

5.1 According to the legislation in force, a minimum of  fourteen (14) calendar days must be granted to terminate the purchase contract and request reimbursement, starting from the date of purchase.

5.2 We -as a sign of good faith- offer you the possibility to test the Free Trial version with all its functions during fifteen (15) calendar days.

5.3 QuickRows is committed to delivering the products in perfect condition. However, if you detect any faults when using any of the QuickRows products, you can contact Juan Pablo Corona Sánchez, whose contact information appears here. Also, you can contact any of the team members here.