How to look up values in a list of data in Excel without using formulas

QuickRows is an Excel add-in that allows you to find the data you are looking for in your list tables. The perfect substitute for Excel's data search functions.

Looking up data in Excel can be a complicated task for novice users, since it is necessary to have a previous knowledge of some functions, such as: XLOOKUP, VLOOKUP and the INDEX and MATCH combination. 

Fortunately, QuickRows is an Excel add-in with which you can generate lists of selected data with a single click. Here you have a short video to show you how QuickRows works:

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How to look up values in your data list with QuickRows?

Let’s use some examples to show you how QuickRows works. The following billing list includes several columns of data: Invoice ID, Date, Status, Region, Vendor, Description and Amount.

First, we will lookup and extract all bills (i.e. rows) for which the vendor Nick is reponsible. With QuickRows, this report can be created immediately. There are two ways of doing it:

  • Using the ‘Data Selection‘ function of QuickRows, or
  • Double-clicking any cell of the column F containing the value ‘Nick’.

In both cases, the result is obtained in seconds:

You can perform this same action as many times as you want. For example, imagine that you are interested in knowing only the invoices of the vendor Mike that have been generated in the Red region. 

It is only necessary to repeat one the aformentioned processes to the same data list to get the following outcome: 

We could keep on deepening our lookup until the the desired level.

Download the free trial version to try it out for yourself.

Fast results in Microsoft Excel

You can start saving time and increasing your productivity handling your data right now.

How to look up values in list of data in Excel without using formulas

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