How to apply filters to a Pivot Table in Excel

QuickRows is an Excel add-in that allows you to filter data from various Pivot Tables by directly inserting the values you want to use as filters.

Filtering pivot tables requires advanced skills. However, with QuickRows you can do it easily.

You only need to insert in a field the value or values you want to use as a filter and execute the action. It’s that simple, without complications.

We have prepared a short video on how to create pivot tables and how to apply filters with QuickRows

If you prefer, you can also read the post, which we have accompanied with images to make it easier for you to read.

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To show you how QuickRows works, we will use as an example a table containing several items from different brands, such as Xerox, Boston or Epson, which have been chosen randomly.

First, we will build a couple of pivot tables, using columns D and E as data fields.

Once the pivot tables are built, we will show several examples on how to apply and remove filters

How to build Pivot Tables?

To begin with, we open the QuickRows main menu. There, we select function number two (pivot tables) and create two pivot tables. 

You can learn how to build pivot tables with QuickRows in this blog post.

The first table will be a count of items in the Description column (col-D).

The second will be a totalization by Description and Status.

How are filters applied to pivot tables?

The pivot tables are ready. Now let’s filter. Suppose we want to analyze only the items from a supplier; for example, Xerox. All we have to do is insert the name and press the ‘Go’ button.

As we can see, both pivot tables have been filtered and only contain items from this supplier. 

No special process was necessary to achieve this. QuickRows searched and selected all the elements that contained the keyword. It was as simple as that.

To remove the filter, simply press the execute button again.

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How to apply filters to a pivot table in Excel

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