How it works

QuickRows is an Excel add-in that allows you to perform daily tasks of data preparation and analysis in a simple way, substituting the most common functions and formulas with clicks and keyboard shortcuts.

Data selection

Find and extract the data that interest you in your listings or tables. The perfect substitute for the data lookup functions in Excel.

Pivot tables

Build pivot tables with just one click and drill down your data with automatic data slicers and filters. As quick and easy as it can be.

Data cleansing

Perform data cleansing and handling tasks in your listings and tables easily and quickly. Devote time to analyzing your information.

Operations between columns

Perform algebraic operations and text concatenation and substraction between columns. It's as easy as: A+B or A-B.

Sheets link

Provide value to your listings or tables by adding information available in other Excel spreadsheets. Instantly and with no formulas.

Sheets consolidation

Build listings or tables with information coming from spreadsheets of different books. The columns allignment is automatic.

Cell formatting

Apply format to text strings, words or cells in order to detect immediately the information that interests you.

Tables analysis

Perform instantly an advanced analysis of the information from your spreadsheets with this analysis table. It is created with one click.


QuickRows analyzes the data listing or table and then prosposes, designs and builds charts, slicers and KPIs automatically.

A menu with an intuitive and simple interface

QuickRows is an add-in that replaces some of the main Excel functions and formulas. It can be used only with clicks.

Configurable automatic keyboard functions

You can work even faster by using the keystroke shortcuts as alternatives to some QuickRows functions. They can be customized.

No more formulas needed to achieve quick results in Excel

You can start saving time when cleaning, standardizing, sorting and analyzing data right now. What are you waiting for? You have a 30-day free trial to find it out by yourself.