The ideal Excel add-in for data analysis

QuickRows is a Microsoft Excel add-in created to make data analysis easier for every user. It allows you to clean, normalize and sort your data to study them and obtain all the information that you need.


Here you can see some applications of QuickRows functions

Data selection

Find and sort all the data of a numeric or text value by row. Select the cell -or cells- and obtain a new table with the same structure, buy only with the rows that interest you.

Pivot table

The same power than an Excel Pivot Table within reach of any user. Create it with one click and interact with it in the same way. Also, use slicers to work only with the data that you want.

Text standardization

Use simple instructions to standardize texts. For example, unify all the abbreviations of a word ("av.", "ave." or "avenue"). You can also extract text strings from the cells content.

Operations between columns

Algebraic operations between columns. For example, add or subtract the values of two columns in order to concatenate or remove text strings. You just have to ask for it: A+B or C-D.

Sheets link

Indicate the letters of the columns to link the content of two tables and import the data from one to the other.

Sheets consolidation

Create a table which contains all the rows from the sheets you want to consolidats. the columns with matching headers are alligned automatically.

Conditional formatting

Apply the formatting that you want to locate immediately the numeric or text values that interest you. You have the possibilty to format specific text ranges.

Quick analysis

With just one click, create a copy of your original data table, including a slicer for each column and a new section which contains multiple statistical values so that you can analyze your data.

You can see more examples here.

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