Frecuently Asked Questions


Of course, you can try it freely. Go to download page and click the button.

Personal Version costs 29€. Business version costs 49€. You can take a look to our plans and prices here.


QuickRows is a complement or add-in for Microsoft Excel specialized in performing data-mining and data cleansing tasks. Also it allows to carry out day-to-day tasks such as combining worksheets and merging workbooks, removing duplicates, selecting data, comparing tables, totalizinng and much more.

QuickRows doesn’t use formulas nor ribbons. We have incorporated to Excel new functionalities that no other add-in has and that are easily parameterized.

QuickRows is installed like an Excel complement and allows the user to use new tools. These are:

  1. Selecting
  2. Cleaning and handling data
  3. Performing operations between columns
  4. Analizing data
  5. Totalizing
  6. Link Sheets
  7. Append sheets
  8. Compare sheets

QuickRows is activated with CTRL+Q (you can modify this command according to your preferences) and does not interfere the normal functioning of Excel. 

Besides, QuickRows protects your information since it never works with the original sheet, but it generates an automatic copy of the original data before performing the operations.

Excel 2007 onwards.

Note: For QuickRows to work properly in Excel 2007, you must have previously installed the update released by Microsoft.

We have received several requests to develop a version compatible with the Macintosh operating system. We are working on it, but so far there is not an adapted version.

Download and installation

You can download a Free trial version without registration.  Click here to access the download page.

Immediately after filling in the download form or paying for any of the versions. You will receive an email with a link to download the version you have chosen.

There are two ways in which you can use QuickRows:

  • Opening it each time you want to use it. Doing this is as simple as opening the .xlam file when you are working in Excel (File / Open / QR_2019_Eng.xlam). QuickRows will be running in the background and will be available to work with your data. Once you close Excel, QuickRows will not be active when you open it again and you will have to repeat the process.
  • Installing it as an Excel complement. In order to install QuickRows as an add-in inside Excel you will have to go to File / Options / Add-Ins / Go… / Examine… / Accept. In that way, QuickRows will be active every time you open Excel. This doesn’t interfere with the rest of the Excel functionalities and you can deactivate it as an add-in at any time.

You can save the file in the folder of your choice. When you install QuickRows as an add-in, Excel will automatically create a route towards that folder. The program and all the files that the .zip contains will be saved wherever you decide.

No. You can install it as an add-in for it to run automatically every time you open Excel.

In order to uninstall QuickRows simply go to File / Options / Add-Ins / Go… There Excel will show you a checkbox. Uncheck the complement QR_2019 to uninstall it. It is possible that in some versions Excel asks you whether you want to deactivate or uninstall the program; choose the option that you prefer. By default, QuickRows is completely uninstalled. If you want to eliminate QuickRows from your system, simply go to the folder where you keep it and erase the file.


In a 24 hour period after paying you will receive an email with an activation code. In order to introduce it you must open QuickRows, select the tool 8. Configure system and enter your code in the field that says Activation Code. 

No. The free version is totally functional during 15 days and doesn’t require a verification code. Click here to access the download site.

That is not a problem! Text us and we will send you your personal code to the email with which you have registered the purchase.

The free version has a validity of 15 days. The paid versions last up to three years after the the activation of the license.

No problem. Text us and we will send it to you again.


Inmediatly after paying you will reicive a link to download the product. In the next 24hrs you will receive a personalised Activation code. 

The payment is made via Paypal safe. You can pay with you Paypal account or with credit/debit card.

You can use you licence for 3 years counting from first activation. 

We don’t have a return policy. If you are not sure whether you want to purchase a  QuickRows paid version or not, we can extend you the Trial version for another 7 days.

The payment is done via Paypal Safe. That means the security is guaranteed by Paypal.