Add-in for Excel

Quick solutions for your daily Excel tasks.

Save time using simple keystrokes and mouse-clicks and forget about learning  Excel formulas and functions.

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Data Analyzer Table

Perform advanced analysis and extract valuable information without formulas


One-Click Row Filter

Select desired values with mouse-clicks and create a new Excel worksheet (QR_02)


One-Click Sheet Totalization

Create totalization tables with mouse-clicks in a new Excel worksheet (QR_02) 


Text Extraction & Cleaning

Separate text fragments without formulas, following simple steps


Text Fragmentation & Concatenation

Manipulate and rearrange text inside Excel cells easily


Text Normalization (Standardization)

Normalize spellings & prepare your data for totalization and analysis


Sheet Fragmentation

Fragment tables based on columns values


Automatic Sheets Consolidation

Consolidate sheets with proper columns alignment in a new Excel worksheet (QR_04)


Sheets Linking (Merging)

Load values from auxiliary tables into your Excel worksheet.


Sheets Comparison

Highlight the differences between Excel worksheets automatically


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How to analyze a table to filter rows through multiple selection criteria

You can perform advanced analysis with our Analyzer Table setting concurrent filters to find the rows matching them. The output table throws SUM, MAX, MIN & Avg values and the number of different categories or values on each column. 

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How to make a preliminar selction of rows for either charting, totalization or analysis

The Smart Selector allows automatic selection of rows, either single or combined cells. Consecutive filters provides amazing capabilities to filter complex selection requirements. 

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How to totalize a table, including date conversion and flexible horizontal and vertical cuts

The Smart-Click totalization tool allows automatic creation of versatil totalization tables in less than five seconds. Tables can have up to four subtotalization levels. Dates can be converted into Months, Bimesters, Quarters, Semesters, etc.

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How to clean a table with data of leads for an emailing campaign

Sheets content may be cleaned or standardized to extract and utilize data embedded inside the cells.

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How to fragment my sheet to have only one 'vendor' or 'category' on each new sheet

You can break any worksheet into multiple sheets, each one containing the rows with the same value for the selected column.

Handle and analyze your data. Save time using Microsoft Excel.

From the administrative to the business analysis  tasks for your organization or company. QuickRows offers solutions for your data parametrization without formulas in Excel. These are some of them:

Auditors & Accountants

  • Analyze data in tables
  • Highlight duplicate rows
  • Merge & combine sheets
  • Consolidate data based on columns

Marketing Analysts

  • Compare sets of data
  • Organize data in tables
  • Analyze social media data
  • Clean URL query strings for SEO

Cost Estimators

  • Organize & clean data
  • Calculate estimates
  • Totalize amount of money in detailed tables
  • Examine data for future projects

Sales Managers

  • Clean customer & sales data
  • Organize sales information
  • Remove duplicates
  • Separate strings into multiple cells

Administrative Assistants

  • Create reports & client databases
  • Organize documents & data
  • Manage records
  • Remove duplicates & clean data

Business Managers

  • Analyze consumer & sales trends
  • Clean databases
  • Filter information by clients & consumers
  • Monitor inventory

Watch some of the QuickRows tools in action.

Analyze Data

The Analyzer is the tool that allows you to easily manipulate Excel spreadsheets. Analyze and extract useful information from your data without having to use VLOOKUP.

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Select Rows

The Selector is the tool that helps you to find, select and extract data in order to create a new Excel worksheet with it. Only use  double-clicks and simple parametrization.

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Handle Data

The Data handler gives you the power to manipulate your data as you wish. Clean, extract, erase, consolidate and separate information without using Excel formulas.

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Totalize Data

The Totalizer helps you to create total, sum, average, min, and max Excel tables. Use a combination of ‘Ctrl+2’ or a simple parametrization and analyze your data.

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