Manage and analyze your data inside Excel.

Tools to get faster results without formulas:
Clicks and simple parametrization.

What does QuickRows do with my data?





Data Selection & Copy

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One-click Totalization

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Selective Cell Formatting

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A simple tool to extract and quickly copy the desired values from a table. The selection can be done with clicks directly on a spreadsheet or using the ‘Selection’ tool that can be found in the Main Menu.

A simple and immediate alternative to the ‘Pivot Tables’ construction, without the need to perform complex formulas. You can totalize your tables instantaneously with no more than mouse clicks. 

To facilitate the visualization of contents, sometimes it is convenient to highlight fragments of the cells content through color variations, typography size increase or even words underlining. 

Link & Merge Tables

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Apply Ranges & Categories

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Name's Standardization

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A complex linking task is resolved easily if there is at least a common column in both tables, for example, to merge a bills table with one of ‘clients’ or ‘products’.

You can extract from a table the registers that fulfill two or more criteria of the selection; for example: The three largest countries of the African continent in a countries table or the listing of Michael’s sales during the fourth semester to the clients in of the north region.

You can perform advanced data handling to normalize, clean or standardize them. The functions ‘normalization’ and ‘operations between columns’ combined offer extraordinary capacities. 

Data Analyzer Table

Perform advanced analysis and extract valuable information without formulas


One-Click Row Filter

Select desired values with mouse-clicks and create a new Excel worksheet (QR_02)


One-Click Sheet Totalization

Create totalization tables with mouse-clicks in a new Excel worksheet (QR_02) 


Text Extraction & Cleaning

Separate text fragments without formulas, following simple steps


Text Fragmentation & Concatenation

Manipulate and rearrange text inside Excel cells easily


Text Normalization (Standardization)

Normalize spellings & prepare your data for totalization and analysis


Sheet Fragmentation

Fragment tables based on columns values


Automatic Sheets Consolidation

Consolidate sheets with proper columns alignment in a new Excel worksheet (QR_04)


Sheets Linking (Merging)

Load values from auxiliary tables into your Excel worksheet.


Sheets Comparison

Highlight the differences between Excel worksheets automatically


Handle and analyze your data. Save time using Microsoft Excel.

From the administrative to the business analysis  tasks for your organization or company. QuickRows offers solutions for your data parametrization without formulas in Excel. These are some of them:

Auditors & Accountants

  • Analyze data in tables
  • Highlight duplicate rows
  • Merge & combine sheets
  • Consolidate data based on columns

Marketing Analysts

  • Compare sets of data
  • Organize data in tables
  • Analyze social media data
  • Clean URL query strings for SEO

Cost Estimators

  • Organize & clean data
  • Calculate estimates
  • Totalize amount of money in detailed tables
  • Examine data for future projects

Sales Managers

  • Clean customer & sales data
  • Organize sales information
  • Remove duplicates
  • Separate strings into multiple cells

Administrative Assistants

  • Create reports & client databases
  • Organize documents & data
  • Manage records
  • Remove duplicates & clean data

Business Managers

  • Analyze consumer & sales trends
  • Clean databases
  • Filter information by clients & consumers
  • Monitor inventory