Add-in for Microsoft Excel

Excel without formulas.

QuickRows is an Add-in for Microsoft Excel with a unique aproach. It performs various common tasks without Excel formulas: combine worksheets and merge workbooks, remove duplicates, select rows, compare tables, totalize data, clean data, analyze data, and much more. All of them can be performed with “double-clicks” or simple parameterization.

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We would like to publicly thank all the


BETA testers that helped us out with the development and debugging

Take a look to some of QuickRows tools

Analyze Data

The Analyzer is the tool that allows you to easily manipulate Excel spreadsheets. Analyze and extract useful information from your data without having to use VLOOKUP.

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Select Rows

The Selector is the tool that helps you to find, select and extract data in order to create a new Excel worksheet with it. Only use  double-clicks and simple parametrization.

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Handle Data

The Data handler gives you the power to manipulate your data as you wish. Clean, extract, erase, consolidate and separate information without using Excel formulas.

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Totalize Data

The Totalizer helps you to create total, sum, average, min, and max Excel tables. Use a combination of ‘Ctrl+2’ or a simple parametrization and analyze your data.

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And more...

You can also link and merge worksheets, do arithmetical operations between columns and compare sheets.